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Hi everyone, so I wanted to try something different and try some HackTheBox machines and while I still have strong love for TryHackMe I figured I’d try something new.

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.

So first lets start with a nmap


Firstly let’s start with our trusty nmap


OSINT Dojo — THM: Sakura

Hello everyone! So I wanted to start the first post of 2021 with something a little different, OSINT.

Difficulty: Easy

PRE-WARNING: Midway through the crypto section I do not withhold the cryptocurrency used by the cyber criminal as this becomes very obvious what crypto they are using. So everything up until finding the transaction will be redacted and the rest of the essential answers will also still be redacted. …

Tony The Tiger

Difficulty: Easy

So before we start there is a few things I want to mention.

1: The first part of these tasks are mainly reading, the answers are literally right in front of you. So we will instead start from Task 3 “Reconnaissance” where we start actually running tools and getting outputs.

2: In Task 5 “Exploit!” me and many others could not get this to work so instead save yourself A LOT of time and trouble, instead get the Jexboss tool from the link below.


With that said let’s start!

Firstly our good ol’ nmap:


Red Teamer | CTF'er | Pentesting Learner

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