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Hi everyone, so I wanted to try something different and try some HackTheBox machines and while I still have strong love for TryHackMe I figured I’d try something new.

I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.

So first lets start with a nmap


Firstly let’s start with our trusty nmap


OSINT Dojo — THM: Sakura

Hello everyone! So I wanted to start the first post of 2021 with something a little different, OSINT.

Difficulty: Easy

PRE-WARNING: Midway through the crypto section I do not withhold the cryptocurrency used by the cyber criminal as this becomes very obvious what crypto they are using. So everything up…

Tony The Tiger

Difficulty: Easy

So before we start there is a few things I want to mention.

1: The first part of these tasks are mainly reading, the answers are literally right in front of you. …


Red Teamer | CTF'er | Pentesting Learner

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